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Wireless Charger/Wall Charger/Car Charger for Mobile Phone

Keytech's charger categories mainly include:Wall charger / Car Charger / Desktop Chargers

Mobile phone chargers can be roughly divided into wall chargers (travel chargers), stand chargers and maintenance chargers. Generally, consumers use wall chargers (travel chargers) and stand chargers.

Choose compatible mobile phone charger also want to pay attention to the brand, should be a regular manufacturer of goods. Even for professionals, it is difficult to accurately judge the performance and quality of the charger from its appearance without opening the charger and using the test instrument. Although the price of some brands of products will be slightly higher, but from the circuit design to the selection of components are more formal science, so the charging effect is also more ideal for non-original seat charge to see the precision of the mold, mobile phone plug can reach the designated position at a time, and the resistance is uniform, moderate tightness.

Different brands of chargers can be mixed, as long as the same interface, the same output voltage and current can be universal. Standard charger products are marked with the range of use, output voltage and output current and other technical parameters. If possible, use a multimeter to test the charger's output no-load voltage value and output short-circuit current value, and determine whether the actual data is consistent with the technical parameters marked.