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What Specifications Should The Type C Data Cable Choose? (1)
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What Specifications Should The Type C Data Cable Choose? (1)

As you know, the type c cable is more complex in structure than the previous usb data cable, which requires more rigorous electrical design and reliable materials. A good type c cable requires stable data transmission, high-power power transmission and wear resistance and aging resistance. If poor quality connection wire is used, it will lead to hidden dangers such as prolonged charging time, unstable data transmission, breakage, and even lead to electronic equipment scrapping or explosion. In fact, we should see all kinds of data cables everywhere in our daily life. Some are smooth and hard, some are soft and tough, and some are knitted. What are the differences between these cables?

PVC material type c cable

Polyvinyl chloride is also known as PVC. It is the initiator of vinyl chloride monomer(VCM) in peroxide, azo compound, etc. Or it is a polymer synthesized by free radical polymerization under the action of light and heat.

Advantages of PVC data cable

1. Low cost, good insulation and weatherability;
2. The price of PVC data cable is relatively cheap.

Disadvantages of PVC data cable

1. Hard texture, poor resilience, and it is easy to cause fracture and peeling;
2. Rough and dull surface;
3.It has a distinct plastic taste and releases harmful substances.

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