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Learn A Way To Distinguish The Cell Phone Charging Cable
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Learn A Way To Distinguish The Cell Phone Charging Cable

Cell phone charging cable usually has the function of transmitting data and charging, and it is frequently used. The quality of cell phone data lines on the market is uneven. The poor quality wire may be broken in a month or so, which causes delay in work or business and is harmful to the mobile phone itself.

Check the Data Line Interface

High-quality data lines are generally alloy, and the contacts may also be gold plated. In the joint, the same excellence is achieved. The joint adopts integrated pressing technology, which is exquisite in workmanship, compact and durable. The insulation layer is soft and closely matched with the wire harness. The interface of inferior wire is rough and without luster. Metal plugs are neat and shiny, which are obviously different from ordinary counterfeit goods.

Select from within the data line

Good data lines are made of thick and high quality copper cores, which can be used for excessive current, ensure fast charging and fewer heating. They are covered with aluminum foil and metal braided net shielding. It is anti-electromagnetic interference, and it is faster and more stable transmission. In addition, the wire harness contains fibers outside, which makes the data line not easy to break. Because the inner core of the data line can not be seen directly through the naked eye, when choosing and purchasing, we should try to choose the data line with thick diameter, heavy quality and relatively hard wire.

Select from within the data line

At present, TPE and PVC are the most commonly used outsourcing materials for cell phone charging cable in the market. PVC is a common plastics. It is cheap, mostly used in small workshops, and harmful to the environment. TPE is a new material with high elasticity, high strength and plastic injection processing characteristics. The data line made by TPE is durable, smooth, safe and non-toxic, and it does not cause any irritation to human skin.

Material can be distinguished by the following three methods:

A. Look - look at the surface color. Generally, the surface of PVC data line is relatively bright, while that of TPE data line is matt.

B. Smell - Smell the line. Generally, PVC data lines are odorous, while TPE data lines are odorless.

C. Cut - Touch data lines. TPE is soft and elastic, while PVC is tougher. Especially when the temperature is low, the difference of touch feeling is more obvious.

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