Keytech Intelligent Technologies Co. Ltd.

OEM Wires

Keytech Intelligent Technologies Limited Belongs to kaetat Group company,was established in 1993. We have our own industrial park of 70,000 square meters.1200 employees.
The business involved in the group includes: New energy automobile wire/Medical wire/Toy wire/smart home/lighting/high-end materials/3C electronic products/R&D and manufacturing We are the designated supplier of Apple Inc.,IKEA ,Mattel,etc.
Get Your Signal Where it Needs to Be
What good is organizing ALL the cables if you don't stock said cables to organize? Never fear, we"ve got you covered (or maybe ’wrapped’ is the better word choice). Wireless may be all the rage, but most installations still utilize good ol" fashioned cables at some point. Whether you"re sending data, video, audio, whether you want metal wire or glass/plastic fiber optics, we have it all. Our massive selection runs the gamut from economical to high end, from a 6 inch patch cable to a thousand foot spool of bulk wires and cables. And don"t forget connectors! You can't just have a bunch of cords lying around with nothing to attach them to anything, so don't forget to check out our connectors.