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Why Does The Charging Of Apple'S Original Authenticated Data Wire Still Prompt

Insufficient power supply

This is common when the iPhone connects to a computer's USB 2.0 interface. The maximum output current of computer USB 2.0 interface is only 0.5A, even in most cases it is very difficult to reach 0.5A. Too low a current can't reach the standard current of the iPhone, which causes the power management system of the iOS device to issue a warning. Use the charging head to charge the iPhone as much as possible. When connecting to the computer, choose the USB 3.0 interface as much as possible.

Use inferior non-standard charging head

Even if the apple certified data cable is used, if the charging head is a substandard and inferior product due to insufficient output power, there will also be unauthenticated tips for accessories. It is suggested to replace the original charging head or the safety-certified charging head to improve this situation.

Contact at connection line interface is dirty, resulting in poor contact
Lightning connectors of equipment or data connection lines are contaminated or dusty, which can easily lead to poor contact and unauthorized tips. In view of this situation, we can use fine velvet cloth or alcohol test paper to clean the connection, so that the lightning interface can be more fully contacted with the connection line, and effectively solve this problem.

Bonding Joint Oxidation

The rapid charging of the iPhone can make the wet contact oxidation more serious, which is a defect of lightning interface. Some new wires will not have this problem. If it is determined that the contact oxidation of the wires can only be selected to replace the connecting wires.

Damage of data line or equipment, and instability of internal contact of wire rod
Hardware failures on the device or Apple Certification Data Line have prevented normal charging. It is recommended to go to Apple Store or Apple authorized after-sales maintenance center for professional inspection and maintenance.

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