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If We Buy An Apple, What Should We Do In Case The Lighting Cable Breaks
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If We Buy An Apple, What Should We Do In Case The Lighting Cable Breaks

Someone said, "When you buy an Apple device, you get into endless consumption of peripheral accessories." Although this sentence is a little too extreme, it is not wrong in principle. Since Apple launched the iPhone, Apple culture has been pushed to the top by users all over the world. As the most mainstream cell phone at present, the emergence of the iPhone is undoubtedly the crystallization of Apple's industrial design. However, Apple's success is not only the appearance of a hardware product, but also the formation of an industrial chain around the product.

All Apple users are inseparable from Apple's dedicated dock data line. This special interface definition keeps users firmly around the core of Apple. A common data line will have a price difference of more than 100 yuan through three different channels.

Apple original data line price: 149 yuan

Apple's third-party data line price: 12 yuan

Apple Shanzhai Data Line Price: 6-8 yuan

Usually when we get a data line, we think that its cost is material and process, and it will not exceed a few dollars in total. That's not a mistake in itself, but why does Apple's original data line cost 149 yuan? Does it raise prices out of thin air? There are still many links we don't know, but need to pay for.

International certification fees

The original data line is different from the counterfeit goods. It is to be sold to users all over the world, which takes into account the different certification of different countries. This kind of certification can not be underestimated, which will invisibly increase a lot of costs. To this end, manufacturers need to constantly meet the certification standards of different countries, including environmental protection standards of materials, shielding magnetic rings and even internal metal shielding layer, and so on.

Material and process cost

For example, from wire material, brass, pure copper, copper clad aluminium, these purchase prices are different, but due to the mature transmission mechanism, there is no difference in actual use. However, we still admire the welding technology of the original data line. It is reported that the internal solder joint technology of Apple dock plug is excellent, and the internal of each pin is the same. The human cost of this welding can not be measured. Moreover, it slows down the production speed, and at the same time, the internal resistance is smaller than that of the knock-offs. In our opinion, many circumstances are superfluous, but they are carefully crafted by international brands. The company has increased its operating costs. "Certification cost + high-quality material cost + process cost + company operating cost + various taxes", each link a few yuan, ultimately accounting to consumers is naturally high price. If it is not 149 yuan, it will be tens of yuan, which is why many insiders say that Apple products are really inexpensive. And the combination of "low material cost + low process cost" of knock-offs data line should be "substantial". But that's not what we want.

So when we buy a cell phone, we must consider the cost of using it later. If we buy an apple, what should we do in case the lighting cable breaks.

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