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Material Comparison of  USB Cable
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Material Comparison of USB Cable

Cheap wires not:
1.Tensile and bending resistant design (Tinned copper wire core & braided )
(1) Bend test 15,000 times     (2) 80KG tensile test

2.Aluminum Foil
(1) Data transmission become more stable.
(2) Protect the cable from being punctured.

According to the communication cable industry standards, the mechanical properties of cable foil is: 0.1, 0.15, 0.20 mm thickness, cable foil strength is not less than 54 mpa, the elongation is not less than 15%. 

3.Integrated Molding VS Buckle Design
Mobile phone interface plug and unload 15,000 times

4.Tinned copper wire core VS Copper Wire 
Upgrade high quality core, support 5V/3A fast charging, protect battery from overheating

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