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Reasons for Different Charging Speed of USB Cables
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Reasons for Different Charging Speed of USB Cables

At present, there are a large number of devices, including smart phones, tablet computers, even traffic recorders, GPS satellite navigation, etc. It transmits power through the USB interface. Extended application of USB interface in this field. It is believed that we are all used to it. There are many related devices on hand. For example, additional mobile phone to usb cable is placed in the office and other places. Even when you go out, you are used to carrying a mobile power supply so that you can charge the cell phone at any time.

People should also have a lot of knowledge about such products, such as whether the current output specifications of the products are adequate for use, or even people pay attention to the efficiency of power conversion. But is that enough? It is or it is not because the "wire" part is almost ignored. So occasionally you can see in the online discussion forum, why is charging with this line slower? Why can't some wires drive external hard drives smoothly? You can see such questions and related discussions.

It is just a mobile phone to usb cable. Why there is a huge difference? The fundamental reason lies in the difference of wire design specifications. Even if you buy a wire product that claims to be certified as Apple, it simply represents device compatibility, not necessarily equal to charging speed. Wire is the bridge between the power supply and the device. Based on the influence of the law of transmission loss, you may notice some details.

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