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Is The Cell Phone Data Line Divided Into Charging Cable And Data Cable?
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Is The Cell Phone Data Line Divided Into Charging Cable And Data Cable?

A new data cable was purchased to recharge the battery. But it could not transmit data when connecting to the computer. Did you buy a "fake" data cable?

In fact, what you're buying is a cell phone power cable, not a data cable. So it can only be used for charging, and it can't transmit data. So here comes the question. Is cell phone data cable also divided into charging cable and data cable?

Functional distinction

Cell phone power cable: As the name implies, it only charges the phone;

Data Cable: In addition to charging, it also allows cell phones to connect to computers to transmit data.

Summary: Data cable can be used as charging cable, but charging line may not be used as data cable.

Structural differences

Because of the different structure, there is a functional distinction. First look at the lower core, which is made up of various wires. Their functions are also different.

Red wire: power supply positive pole (marked as + 5V or VCC);

Green Line: Positive Voltage Data Line (identified as Data + or USB Port +);

White Line: Negative Voltage Data Line (identified as Data-or USB Port-);

Black Line: Grounding (marked GROUND or GND).

Look again at the touch of the USB head (the big end of the data line). From left to right, you can see four contacts.

Grounding wires: black wires, commonly referred to as zero wires;

Read data line: It is a green line, but also a signal line, it can be understood as signal output;

Write data line: It is connect white wire, also the signal line, and it can be understood as signal input;

Power positive power: Connect red wire, or + 5V wire.

It must be very clear now. The middle two lines are read and write data lines. Because of these two lines, data lines can support cell phones to connect to the computer to transmit data. But in order to save costs, some cell phone power lines directly remove the two middle wires, as well as the function of reading and writing data. So if you buy such a cable, you will find that it can only charge, but it is unable to transmit data lines.
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