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Whether It Is Necessary To Equip An External Flash Drive With IPhones Remains Unsettled
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Whether It Is Necessary To Equip An External Flash Drive With IPhones Remains Unsettled

The argument whether it is necessary to equip an external flash drive with iPhones remains unsettled. Many people hold the idea that there is no need to buy an additional flash drive. In fact, that is decided by the consumer.

If you own a large-capacity iPhone 7, of course, it is unnecessary to buy that external flash drive when you think it is troublesome. However, there are still some people think that my insufficient iPhone space lures them to choose an external flash drive when they do not want to change their iPhones and do not think the external flash drive will be ugly. What’s more, they will use them just when necessary.

The most important thing is that the external flash drive can store files that can not be saved in iPhone in the long term, such as personal privacy files, larger-capacity videos and so on.

Then what should be put into consideration when we choose an Apple flash drive?

The brand is the guarantee of product quality and service. Some brands are no longer popular because of their uncompetitive technology and price after years' development while other brands become a leading force.

Data Security
Flash drive facilitates the data storage and exchange. Users’demand of resistance to shock is regarded as the chief concern because of flash drive’s excellent portability. If the flash drive does not have admirable resistance to shock, not only the product but also the data stored on the flash drive will be damaged easily.

Admirable resistance to shock, which is necessary for those who have special requirements for the data safety, also attracts great attention in the related industry.

Resistance to shock first requires a strong physical safety performance to ensure the safety of the flash drive when it falls to the ground. At the same time, the flash drive featuring excellent moisture-proof and anti-electromagnetic interference characteristics should completely eliminate data loss caused by the mechanical shock, which can greatly enhance the safety security. Even some flash drives provide data backup, data error recovery and data encryption functions, meaning data security protection is provided from the inside to the outside.

High-capacity & High speed
Whether we should choose a flash drive with high capacity or high speed can confuse us when we need to purchase a flash drive, which actually depends on the fact that what will the flash drive be used for.

Products are designed to meet users’ specific requirements. If the flash drive is used to store massive films, high capacity is what you need to consider. High speed should be put into first consideration if the flash drive is just used to transfer some files.

MFi certification
When people want to produce accessories related to Apple products, MFi certification is necessary, meaning Apple allows you to produce its related accessories after your compatibility and product quality are recognized. Only 2% of the applicants can get MFi certification, and we do not have to worry about the quality and compatibility of the accessories with MFi certification.

And because Apple has a clear and mandatory requirement for all authorized dealers, if non-authorized accessories do harm to Apple products, Apple will not make any warranty. Non-authorized products may not be used when the product's system is upgraded. So MFi certification should get top consideration when we choose Apple’s peripherals.

Here is the link for you to check whether the accessory gets MFi certification: MFi certification check link

Flash drives with different brands are equipped with their own apps that can be download via official way. Many flash drives with different brands are on sale on the market while there are not many research teams focused on apps. Apps can be improved continually with the efforts of research teams.

Apple flash drive with different spaces and specifications are sold at different prices.

Some brands with good quality such as SanDisk and Kingston are expensive,

For most users, the main function of a flash drive is to store data while some additional function requirements are needed for some users with special demands. For example, the safety of data is what their chief concern for business people, meaning encryption function is important.

After-sale service
After-sale service, which people also pay much attention to, is important for all products.

In brief, we can put the above aspects and our own requirements into consideration while choosing an Apple flash drive.

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